We know that every creature from a bacteria to a whale, has life. But what exactly is life? How exactly can it be defined? Scientifically, It is the characteristic distinguishing biological beings from non biologicals. But, Is it so simple?
I think, Life is a journey, which starts from birth and ends at death. It has many hurdles and experiences. Sometimes, there is race. Sometimes, there is rest. But at the end, we have to die; die without taking anything from the world.
If we observe the life cycle of a butterfly, we can learn a lot about life.

Firstly, a caterpillar is born, which transforms into cocoon. Then, the baby butterfly comes out and at the end it dies.
The key observation here is when butterfly comes out of cocoon, It has to struggle hard. It has to fight to gain the life. Once, someone tried to help butterfly to get out of cocoon. She came out with his help, tried to fly but died within a few minutes. Struggle for life, was necessary to gain it properly.
Its not only in butterfly’s case. In humans too, mother has to go through immense pain and care before giving birth to a child. So, the struggle starts from the very beginning of life.
But why this struggle?

Why we need this life? What is the purpose of this life?
Everyone knows that they have to die one day, but we just don’t think about it too much. By thinking too much about death, one will end up being a sadist. But, if you see, we have a limited time on this earth. We never know when is the end. So, There is no time for wasting. We have to find and fulfil our purpose of life within this limited time frame.
But the question is how to realise your purpose?
And the answer lies in thinking.
Think what you have achieved so far!! Think what you have planned so far!! Think would you achieve something, following the path on which you are? How your presence in the world would make a difference? Everyday thousands take birth and thousands die. But how many have had impact on you?
You need to ask these questions every time you feel you are bored and want to kill time. It would help you to set your aims for tomorrow, for today and for now and find the purpose of life.
For me, purpose of life lies in creating impact: impact on others, impact on society, environment and coming generations. I hate corruption, not because it is morally incorrect but because being corrupt or cruel is a blind race to benefit yourself, where you are wasting your opportunity to fulfil your purpose of life.
Like everyone, you have got one life. You should try to try everything and try to have every experience possible.

Pen down your thoughts, paint your imaginations, Sing your heart out, Dance if you want. Even if you fail, you should learn from the failure.

You never know, there can be a hidden talent in you, which has been overshadowed by your ignorance and laziness. Find your talent, make it your passion, make others realise its importance, help others with same passion.

There is too much to do in this life.
Everyone has his own definition for purpose of life. It just needs to be extracted from within you. I feel, creating impact on others is one such definition.
Try finding yours, because the ultimate success lies within finding and fulfilling your purpose of life.