Sahil Gupta

About Me

If anyone were to describe me in one word, it would be Seeker.

Hey reader, I am Sahil Gupta. I started this blog as a medium to express myself by articulating my ideas, theories and thoughts. I have felt that I have some unique perspective and theories for many issues and concepts, about which I write here.

The Blog is a medium for me to open up to the world. It has articles, stories, poems, sketches, notes, opinions, ideas and theories. In short, it has everything that I have been seeking in my life, all written by me.

I hope you shall enjoy my work.



Startups & Projects

August 2018 - 2020

Seeking Things

Role: Founder

Seeking Things is solving the challenges faced by companies and organisations due to the unavailability of quality online support and knowledge. We are not only providing technical assistance and consultations to Companies and Startups but we have also been launching Digital products and services.

July 2016 - August 2018


Role: Founder

Edutiate is an initiative to connect all the tutors and learners out there through the power of Internet. It is a Platform where you can give and take lectures regarding to Course of your choice. Our courses are not limited to one type or genre. We at Edutiate, offer a great platform to make wide range of Courses and help you to grow connectivity among Tutors and Learners. Edutiate is now a product of Seeking Things.

Aug 2015 - Mar 2016

Role: Co-Founder

Me and my friends (Sagar Satija, Samidha Singh and Sanchit Bathla) started in August 2015, which we bootstrapped. It was an E-Commerce portal, selling stuff to hostel students. The model of business was to focus on the student’s needs by surveying and other methods. Instead of keeping Items in bulk, Kampuskart kept items that were in demand in campus. Now, Items according to students’ interest may vary from campus to campus. So the approach was to work separately on different campuses. My job at Kampuskart included everything from sales management to marketing and being the delivery guys. I have had 360 degree glance at experience of what every department in a company would feel like working in. Those 8 months taught me what should and more importantly what should not be done to run a business.



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2020 - 2023


  • Public Administration
  • History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern) : World and Indian
  • Geography (Physical, Human and Economic): World and Indian
  • Indian Polity: Constitution and Governance
  • Indian Economy
  • Art and Culture of India
  • Environment and Ecology
  • Science and Technology
  • Indian Society and Societal Issues
  • Ethics and Ethical Philosophy
  • International Relations and Defence (Indian Bureaucratic Perspective)
  • Disaster Management
  • Indian Governance


  • Cleared UPSC CSE (Preliminary): 2021, 2022
Bachelors in Engineering, Computer Science and Technology

  • Co-Convener: ED Cell, TU (2016-17);
  • Business Development Head: ECON club, TU (2016-17);
  • Secretary: ED Cell, TU (2014-16);
  • Publicity Head: Saturnalia 2016;
  • Mentor for Computer Engineering Freshers: Mentored Class of 2019, Frosh Week (2015), TU;
  • Overall Event Coordinator: YES- Young Entrepreneurship Summit TU 2016;
  • Overall Event Coordinator: Startup Conclave 2016, TU, Patiala;
  • Webmaster: ACM Student Chapter, TU (2014-15);
 Awards and Prizes:
  • Won Startup Conclave 2015 (For – Organised by EDC, TU
  • Prayaas Theatre Group – Actor (2010-12)
Awards and Prizes:
  • State level Annual Science Quiz winners 2012 (Team with Aman Goyal) – Organised by Panorama Science Centre, Kurukshetra
  • Best Actor Award (One act play – Galileo) State Science Drama Competition 2010 – organised by SCERT, Gurugram.
  • One Act Play – Aankhein by Dr. Mahipal Pathania
    • State Youth Festival, 2010, Rohtak – 3rd Position
    • State Youth Festival, 2011, Kurukshetra University, Kuk – 2nd Position


Full Stack Web Development
Problem Solving
Analytical Writing
Public Speaking
Critical Analysis