“The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

“The attainment of popularity or profit.”

“A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.”

These are some of the definitions, I could find of the word ‘Success’, when searched on Google. These definitions may seem satisfactory. But they are not. And if they are, They shouldn’t be. Let me explain you why.

These definitions lack some critically crucial constraints. Some constraints that play a vital role in the process of attainment of the success: The means to attain it and in whose view, he is successful.

The means to attain it

Success depends a lot on how it is attained. Here, ethics play an important role. If the path one chooses is ethical, he will have a great sense of self satisfaction over the hard work he put in it. While If the path followed is unethical, he will have to face several conflicts with his inner conscious. Though, at times, the essence of success and fame may overshadow the ethical voice of inner self. Yet, the burden of doing bad will always prick his soul.

Such a person will be insecure of getting exposed. For instance, If a student cheats in an exam to score top marks, firstly, he might be considered a successful cheater but he is definitely not a successful topper and secondly, Such a student will always be insecure to be exposed by cross checking, where cheating isn’t possible. Thus success, for which is taking credit is just a myth here.

In whose view, is he Successful!!

A person can be successful in people’s view easily, but being successful in one’s own view is a completely different scenario. People will judge and rate your success on the basis of your Twitter and Facebook followers and rate you according to digits in your salary. But, true success lies in self attainment of the essence of success.

The person who uses unethical ways to succeed can never have that attainment. His insecurities will ruin the whole thing. Such a person will try to justify his success by his words at every point and will exaggerate his contribution towards work. He will always have a sense of insecurity, fearing that people will deny him of his work. That is because he won’t ever be truly able to justify his work and hence, The success for such person is also a myth.

The definition of Success

So, finally taking the constraints into account, the definition comes out to be:

Success is the process of attainment of self satisfaction towards one’s efforts, he put up in achieving that goal, provided that you have achieved it.