Productivity is the most efficient means of attaining a goal. Whatsoever is desired can be achieved through consistency in achieving a productive lifestyle. In the beginning, trying to attain productivity might feel extremely tiresome and rather dull to today’s fun-loving generation. But once a person achieves the consistency in attaining the productive stage, fun and success go hand in hand.

So one might wonder is attaining productivity a one-time process then? The answer would be No, it is an eternal process.

So Does it require constant effort? In a way yes. Going by the laws of physics, nothing stays in motion in perpetuity and is met by a stopping force in a world full of friction. So a single push would never push us continuously towards the ends.

So we have to find another approach. An approach that would make the force required to move, less intensive. This can only be achieved by making the environment as frictionless as possible. In simpler terms, we have to bring out some environmental changes around us to ease the process of attaining productivity.

In the little experience I have had on this planet, one thing that I have learned is that the best and most effective changes that you can bring about are in yourself. People often fail because they try to change their surroundings without changing themselves. So, now that we know the how, we have to find the “whats”.

I give you 3 whats of changes you need to bring about in yourself to achieve productivity: Purpose, Practicality, and Personality.

Let’s see the role of each P in attaining the productivity.


I always say,

The purpose of life is the find a life full of purpose.

(You can check Purpose of life, written by me here)

The same principle defines the role of purpose in attaining productivity. Instead of focusing the whole of the energy on one aim, the infamous British strategy of Divide and Rule works here as well. If we find small purposes and continue to attain them continuously, this helps a lot in attaining productivity.

  • This brings one closer to the bigger goals.
  • This helps in aiding and thus increasing self-confidence.
  • This helps in maintaining the element of consistency.

Thus, having a sense of purpose always and continuously working towards it gives our vector the direction element that keeps the motion pointing towards the productivity.


Leading your life with logic and practicality eases one’s day-to-day chores and decision-making. A logical person usually is more productive because:

  • Logical attitude reduces the part that memory plays in the routine programmed decisions.
  • The conversations with others are more productive, to the point, and less vague.
  • It helps to enhance the deductive abilities and in turn the learning and grasping powers of a person leading to great productivity in one’s lifestyle.

Thus Practicality acts as a lubricant making the motion smoother.


A person with a good personality means one who is balanced in his approach and behavior towards others. Such a person is opinionated but understands others’ side too. They know both the positives and negatives, fors and againsts of the issue. Thus they try to seek, accumulate and organize all the data for productive decision-making.

They accommodate other people’s opinions without judging them (opinions and people) and try to fill up their PEKB (Pre-existing Knowledge Base). A person with a good PEKB is certainly a better decision-maker and more productive than others.

Thus, a good personality i.e openness to knowledge, respect for other’s opinions, and a humble nature help a lot in feeding the appetite for seeking the truth. This in turn makes one more productive by enhancing practicality.

On the whole, the trio of Purpose, Practicality, and Personality are inevitable for a productive lifestyle. It must be noted that these are not absolute in bringing out the productivity as there are many more qualities that are needed for the Productivity like Consistency, Positivity, Hard Work, etc. But these 3 Ps are absolutely necessary for productivity as without all of them a Productive lifestyle with full potential is impossible to be achieved.