Everyone is debating on whether the nation is tolerant or intolerant! It Seems that the ones who claim nation is tolerant are themselves getting intolerant by seeing people saying them intolerant.

and the irony is that the other section who is claiming nation to be intolerant, is testing the tolerance of the tolerant people and are succeeding in creating intolerance.
Confusing, isn’t it!
According to me, People need to understand being tolerant or intolerant is an individual characteristic. When a whole nation is labelled as tolerant or intolerant, it has its own global consequences.
Yes, there are bad things happening out there, which need to be corrected. No government is or can be perfect. We should not allow other political powers to take advantage of situation when the current ELECTED government has just been for almost 2 years, while the previous one who was for 10 years. I think we should wait until next elections and decide in next elections by accounting for these years. This is how it is meant to be according to our constitution.
This time, We just need to focus on ourselves.

And Stop asking questions like,

Is nation tolerant or is BJP tolerant??
and start asking ourselves: AM I TOLERANT?

Because at the end, it is what counts!