Once there was a young farmer named Mohan. He studied till 10th grade from the local village school and was good at studies. But instead of continuing studies further, he decided to support his family economically by being a farmer. It was the most common profession practiced in the village.

The life is not so easy for an Indian farmer. Most of them are under some debt or hit by casualties of nature. But one thing is common, they all are hard-working. The rich traditions and great ethical virtues flow in the nerves of these villages. The people are simple yet dedicated and so was Mohan. Daily he would go to his farm, the one he had loaned from a local babu and work there. The babu used to threaten and torture him for the money. Mohan was trying to pay his debts in instalments. 

But, Situations were not favourable for him. Monsoon was late and so rain did not hit on time. This affected many farmers of the village. Everyday he would hear the news of some farmer getting tortured by a fancy babu or committing suicide. 

One evening, Mohan was sitting in his field looking at his crop getting ruined. He was worried about his family. How would he feed them? How would he earn money? What would he say to Ramlal, the babu he took loan from. Thoughts were rushing through his mind, making him more and more stressed. He would often think to take up his own life, but somehow resisted by thinking of his family and how they needed him. 

His thoughts were interrupted by chirping of a bird. A little bird, who was sitting on his right shoulder. As he moved his head towards her, she flew just above him. Mohan’s sight followed the bird. Suddenly, the bird was joined by many more birds. It looked like the birds were dancing to a music, which only mohan could feel.

He was so mesmerised by those birds, that he only sat their doing nothing and watched them dancing for hours. He keenly observed each every detail of what was going on and loved what he saw. The farm which was always a work place, looked like a scenery. There he saw some amazing things that were no different to what he saw daily. The only difference was in the way he saw them now.

This whole experience had a great impact on Mohan. He felt the beauty, he had never experienced before. He just wanted that to be eternal. So he decided to capture every moment in his mind, focusing sharply on each and every detail. Though this practice didn’t solve his problem but it gave him some happy time out of his worried schedule and some strength to bear with the problems. 

From that day whenever he felt stressed, he just sat quite observing the beauty that mother nature had offered to him, which he had himself rejected to observe. But now, he even appreciated the fact that he was part of it. This helped him to be happy and appreciate himself. This helped him get through his tough time. This helped him stay alive.